Clothes Make a Man- The Importance of Dressing

“Clothes make a man.” This expression is self-explanatory but is also one of the most controversial pieces of logic when it comes to self-grooming because the extent and impact of clothing is always disputed. When you meet someone face-to-face, 93% of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data – your appearance and your body language. Only 7% is influenced by the words that you speak. Whoever said that you can’t judge a book by its cover failed to note that people do. Therefore, dressing well and giving a positive impression in the first 7 seconds of interaction can tell a lot about you.

Wearing custom-fit clothing, in particular, exudes confidence, intelligence, and shows someone you are disciplined and efficient. A good shirt can speak a thousand words without you opening your mouth. It can go effortlessly from day to night and from a boardroom to ball. If you see a man dressed as impeccably as Harvey Specter from the show Suits, you’ll know what I mean.


A shirt can make you stand out or disappear into the crowd. The choice is ultimately yours. So even though buying a shirt off the rack may seem like the most convenient option when you’re pressed for time, it is likely the shirt will not perform as well over time. If you research and think carefully before you purchase a car, house, or a business, then why not carefully select the clothes you wear that will impact people’s impressions of you. Clothes should “define” who you are and send others the message that you want to send them.




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The Real Men of Style (#TRMOS): Square One Series

Hello Dear Readers,

We’ve finally launched our newest campaign: the real men of style, social media tag: #TRMOS.

It’s about real men and real style. It’s about showing what real men wear and why. It’s about showing that real fashion lives not only on the ramps and runways but in the city streets, corners, workplaces and mall corridors.

It’s really simple: we go up to well-dressed men, ask style-related questions and take their picture in return for a nicely customized dress shirt! Sounds pretty cool, right?

This time we gave a FREE custom-made dress shirt to each of our first participants. In the future, the participants will have to share their picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to win the customized dress shirt.

These blog posts will go out every Monday, featuring three different men at different locations. We will share their thoughts on style and answer any questions about shopping online for men’s clothing. We also ask them a bit about their style inspiration, favourite new fashion trends and any style advice they might want to give our readers. Continue reading to see how the real men of style get it right and if you find this post interesting, please share!

We would like to thank these people for their patience and friendliness. They were nice enough to pose for a picture and share a laugh. We had lots of fun!!

Man of Style: James
Fashion Inspiration: Mad Men
Shirt Preference: Slim Fit



Man of Style: Mark
Fashion Inspiration: Daniel the Italian Flair and Mr. Raro
Favourite form of dressing: semi-formal
Style Advice: Don’t wear formal coat with jeans. It doesn’t look “put together” and takes away from the classy message of the coat.




Man of Style: Undisclosed Name
Fashion Inspiration: None. Whatever is selected by wife and mother-in-law.
Style Statement: Casual but mostly depends on what I am doing.

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All of us desire to wear fantastic clothes. Even if we don’t have them but it is our wish that we could

A good custom dress shirt should possess what?All of us desire to wear fantastic clothes. Even if we don’t have them but it is our wish that we could have something off side that makes our mood better. Men are so much involved into dress shirts and dress pants because they are an outgoing entity. They always have to move around people and meet different faces.  For many other reasons most of the men are concerned about what they wear. As there is a trend of custom dress shirts men going around, men would love to make little changes in whenever they design a new one for themselves. Keeping in mind a few important points always that are describes below; men design custom dress shirts for them every time.

Quality fabric used:

It is always expected that whatever the cost of the shirt comes to be, the fabric used must be very fine and smooth because it would end up in a very soothing effect.

Return policy applies:

If any flaw comes out after the delivery of the dress shirt, there exists a policy that the shirt can be amended or returned. This is the main concern of the one who is ordering for a custom dress shirt.

Stitched according to exact given measurements:

This is another important and for sure expectation that the shirt is stitched exactly according to the measurements which were given by the person who is making an order. Is any measurements happen to be wrong or not fixed properly the custom dress shirts company name can come in bad books.

Satisfies customers:

A custom dress shirt should possess numerous qualities like a few of them stated above so that it satisfies the customers. If the customer is not satisfied he would not go for custom dress shirts again because life is running so fast and some other trend may overtake it soon.

No faded color after washing:

Custom dress shirts should importantly possess this property. Fine coloring and cloth must be used because you are taking the cost and the customers are paying for some quality dress. The color of the best mens dress shirts must not fade after few types of washing. It should remain almost the same so that the cost gets approved by the customer and he comes to shop again.

Less cost:

Possessing the good qualities, a custom dress shirt must not be so expensive that it goes out of reach of majority. There must be a moderate cost of it that is payable so that everyone can make benefit out of it.

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Benefits for opting custom dress shirts as your daily companion

Benefits for opting custom dress shirts as your daily companionFor men, dress shirts are a companion. They stay with them most of the time. It is very simple that if you do not like your companion, you will try to leave it or avoid it. But think about it more deeply. You can also modify it. Modifying custom dress shirt is the trend of today and it has provided people with several benefits discussed below:

No shipping charges:

You would only have to pay for the price of your order. There are mostly no shipping charges present on ordering custom made dress shirts. In simple words you can say that there are no charges which would be given at the time of the order delivery. Once you have paid, you are done.

Free discount cards

If you become a regular customer of a certain online custom dress shirts company, it would benefit you with free discount cards for future use. This is really amazing because you can order gifts for your friends as well.

Updates for new collection

Once you are a customer of custom dress Shirt Company, you would be regularly updated with the new stuff available with them. This is a great benefit to you in this busy life.

Personality enhancement

The best benefit of wearing custom dress shirts is that your personality is enhanced. You will love what you wear because you have designed it yourself. It would be unique and new. Fine fabrics used will sooth your body and you will glow in happiness that will automatically keep your mood light.

Quality level maintained

Once you have opted for custom tailored shirts, the nest time you will be served with a better quality all over, because you will be the regular customer.

Fewer tensions

You time will be saved, less amount of money will be used, and you will be saved from so many other hurdles. You will have fewer tensions when you will do shopping online. There would be no disturbance of anything.

Out of traffic problems

Environmental noise is a disease. It can make you feel sick. Buying online custom dress shirts makes you feel free and fresh because there is no noise of the traffic in your cozy bedroom when you will be easily designing your dress shirt. You will automatically stay out of traffic problems and you will pay more attention towards your clothing and place plenty of orders with no trouble.

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How to custom a dress shirt for your husband?

How to custom a dress shirt for your husband?Custom dress shirts are no more a problem even if they are a surprise to your husband. You must know about the following to design a dress shirt for him.

You must know his color choices:

If you are aware of the color choices of your husband it would be easy for you to design custom dress shirt for him because custom dress shirts will ask for the color at first. You must also know his choice about the plain or patterned dress shirt.

That’s okay if you are not aware of his choices and you both are new to each other. Design something unique and gift him. If he likes, next time it would be easier for you to design something for him. This is not a big hurdle that cannot be solved.

How often he wears dress shirts:

Most of the men love surprises and if you husband is the one who loves it too then custom dress shirt toronto can be a very awesome surprise for him. But for this you must know how often he wears dress shirts. Does he wears it too often or is it a regular wear for him? Depending upon this you can design a surprise dress shirt for him. Should it be a formal or casual wear? So think first and then design…!

Measurements of neck, sleeves, shoulder width and other dimensions:

For a custom dress shirt you need to know about the important measurements of your husband. If you want to give a surprise to your husband then you can take measurements of the sleeves, neck, width of shoulders and all other dimensions which are asked for the stitching of a custom dress shirt from a previous dress shirt of him which has been placed in his wardrobe. This would be appropriate and it would result well. These measurements are very important for designing a dress shirt. Without these you cannot custom a surprise dress shirt.

Surprise him with the latest trend:

You can also make a dress shirt for your husband in the latest trend which is going around and of which he is unaware off. This would be really surprising for him and maybe he likes it a lot because you designed for him. This will also help grow your love for him. If your husband is too busy with his professional life that he is totally not aware what is going around and you are the only one who is the designer for his clothes then this is a very best chance for you to gain more importance. Yes, it’s not tricky at all. You can place your favorite logo on his shirt and gift him. So, try custom dress shirt now..!

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Why to Choose a Double Button Collar Dress Shirt

Why to Choose a Double Button Collar Dress ShirtThere was a time when wearing dress shirts was limited to a specific group of people in 18th century and it was considered as the only dress code for upper class people belonging to white collar jobs and designations. But with the passage of time things have been changed now and there can be seen a great development in men’s fashion industry where every common man has a variety to choose the best outfit for him either for same routine wear or for specific events in his life. You have so many options when it comes to your wardrobe and in this way you can make a better decision for your outfits.

In the past, the use of a specific dress shirt fabrics with a tie and a black coat was quite common and a large number of people used to wear this kind of dress especially a shirt of plain white color and plain classic tab collar was very prominent then. There was a pocket usually on left side of your shirt right under the right shoulder having trademark of the manufacturer and it looks like a uniform shirt with no exceptional color variety and body style. You can see this kind of dress shirt in late 70s movies and even in early 90s movies, dramas and different TV shows where most of the celebrity used to wear this kind of wardrobe for specific events and this thing became a vital reason for the trend of plain white and simple looking dress shirts.

But after some time, people started to bring few changes in their dress shirts where simple classic collars have been replaced by so many different styles like English collar, banded collar and so many others. And the use of double button collars started moving in with this gradual variation in fashion industry.

In these days, where you will find a vast variety of fashion in men’s wear, you will see a prominent change in men’s dressing. There are very few people who tie a tie on their neck and most of the people either working in an office or endorsing a brand in showbiz use to wear a custom made shirts without a tie and you can easily spot two buttons on their collar’s end on both sides. Sometimes there are two buttons and some times more than two in a balanced way on both sides.

A double button collar let you add some additional fashion and style on your rough dress shirt which you use to wear everyday in different places. If you want some change and want to stay in professionalism’s limit then opting for a double button collar would be a good idea. You will look good even without tying a tie around your neck and still you would be looking a perfect professional guy in any field. Now a days, there are some many big celebrities who use a double button collar custom dress shirts for them in different shows and so many people follow them to look as good as they look by wearing a dress shirt having double collar on it.

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