Attributes of custom made shirts for men

Now is the age of custom dress shirts where men have liberty to define every attribute of dress shirt with their own style and liking. Customizing attributes of a dress shirt is not a difficult task but many men find it difficult. In order to understand the dress shirt customization process, some attributes are discussed as:

Dress Shirt Fitting

Fitting is the first characteristic that should be defined accurately. In dress shirt fitting, there are three major types, athletic fit, regular fit and loose fit.

Athletic Fit Shirts: These shirts are for men who like tight fitting while showing their well-developed muscles.

Regular Fit Shirts: These shirts are normally called formal dress shirts as men with average body size wear them in offices and other formal occasions.

Loose Fit Shirts: These shirts are loosest of all dress shirts. Normally men with fat tummy or of large stature wear these shirts and these shirts are longer than other shirts.

In the end of dress shirt designing, users are requested to provide actual measurements in which exact measurement of shoulders, neck, sleeve, chest and waist size is provided.

Dress Shirt Color

Color is no doubt one of the most important selections as it defines the whole look and feel of shirt. At online custom shirt makers like Fit Custom Shirts, there are many kinds of colors, stripes, patterns, checks and shades available. Before finalizing the color and shade of your choice, do consider the situations in which you will wear that color. If you are confused about color selection and doubtful that the color will look great on you or not, then you can always consult to FCS’s dress Shirt library which is one of the most comprehensive dress shirts encyclopedia.

Choosing Right Fabric

For men, dress shirt fabric selection is one of the most difficult tasks, as men have no interest in fabric types. Well there is nothing to worry about, as here you can have a brief idea about the most famous dress shirt fabrics. Cotton is very soft fabric and gives wearer comfortable feeling. It is cotton’s specialty that it holds dye well, so bright colors stay bright for long time. In Cotton blend, different fibers are woven with cotton, which brings unique properties in fabric types. Linen shirts are mostly used in summer season as they breathe well but have acute wrinkle condition. Other popular fabrics are twill, oxford, poplin, broadcloth, etc. You can consult dress shirt library at FCS to have comprehensive information on all fabrics.

Choosing Appropriate Style

In dress shirt attributes, the styling options are the most important thing as these options help wearer stand apart from crowd with customized attributes. In styling options, first comes the collar style, there are literally innumerable designs in collars. Most famous collar styles are Straight-point collar with V-shaped points, Button-down collar with less formal look and softer collar fabric. There are also many other collar types like spread, tab, club, pinned, etc.

Cuffs are another important attribute of a dress shirt. Mostly used cuff style is Barrel cuff, also known as button cuff. The most popular and stylish cuff style is French cuff. It has fabric that is long, folds back and closed with cufflink or silk knot.

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