Cut a cloth of your choice for a custom dress shirt

Your selection of a cloth for your custom dress shirt becomes very easy by keeping in mind the following aspects.


Cotton. Cotton, the undisputed king of custom shirt fabrics has been the choice of many for centuries. Finely woven cotton fabric exhibits all the properties a man could want from a garment worn close to the body, durability, good heat & moisture conduction, smoothness and the ability to take shape when ironed.

Man Made Fibers. Manmade fibers have made a huge impact on the custom shirt scene due to their ability to do an acceptable job at a rock bottom price. Being wrinkle and stain resistant, these fibers will continue to play a major role in menswear.

Silk. It is a luxury fabric easily recognizable because of its sheen and light drape. This is why it is not recommended for most as the maintenance costs are high and long term durability is low.


White .It is the most common custom dress shirt color that has dominated the scene and was initially the only choice for a gentleman. To this day white still reigns as the most formal color and its popularity has safely placed it among the iconic garments a man can wear. A man can safely assume a white shirt will never be out of place no matter where you are.

Blue . The Blue dominance has more to do with its ability to compliment most men’s complexions rather than heritage. The color firmly holds a place as a safe alternative to white.

Other Colors. Gold, lilac, Pink, off-white, light green or even red, are  a few of the multitude of colors available to the man who is willing to walk a different path with his custom dress shirt. These colors may not dominate the dress shirt or highlight the pattern woven into it but still they compliment every complexion out there.


Solid . A simplest and most formal pattern and yet the most versatile. The solid shirt defers attention away from the color and instead helps a man better display the style and fit of his garment. With solid we don’t always mean solid, it is actually by using different weaves that can slyly give the impression of monotony from a distance only to reveal their true nature up close. Solid white poplin fabric has a very different look and feel from a solid white twill or herringbone.

Stripe .As most of us can’t go wrong with a classic blue on white but consider adding certain accent colors such as red or pink to liven up the hues in the face. A unique pattern in stripes will look especially good with a solid colored suit

Check . The purpose of the check, historically speaking, was to signify a wearer’s background. Now, most men are intimidated to wear such a pattern with a suit as they think it will appear overpowering but it won’t as long as you remember to make combinations like a checked shirt with a solid suit and striped tie are a great combination. But still, it is the least formal pattern and should be worn carefully in business.

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