Choosing custom dress shirts for business trip

Many of us working in multinational firms or in any other office, needs to have a business trip to another city, state or country. Whatever the case is, the important thing to remember is that you are not going on a vacation or wedding. Instead, you are traveling for business purpose that surly means business deals, meetings, conferences or trade shows. In this case, you will not need to bring your whole wardrobe for a 3-day business trip. Now the question is that what kind of clothes to bring and what not. The basic essence of choosing the best clothes from wardrobe is to bring those clothing items which gives you the most professional and superior look.

Knowing what you will be up against

Now the selection of clothes majorly depends on the shirts you bring as the dress shirts are the main thing which get others attention. Bringing normal ready-made shirts will ruin your day and you might face disappointment with deal being cancelled. Bringing high quality custom dress shirts is the best option and will make you look professional. First you have to make sure about the duration and nature of your business trip. Some business trips of 3-days include meetings and conferences in morning and at night business dine out parties and gatherings. For these kinds of trips, you have to play sharp in order to add both highly formal clothing plus night dine out dresses in your luggage.

Formal Clothing

For formal dressing, make sure to add plain and light colored custom dress shirts, which can be worn with most of the suits. In shirts, the collar is the major attribute that gets viewers’ attention, so bring custom dress shirts with cutaway, English traditional or curve point classic collars. It is also advised to bring custom dress shirts with square or angle French cuffs. If you have to wear a suit then choose something in between black, grey or navy colored suit. For pants, choosing grey, charcoal, black, or dark brown color would be a good option. Everyone has his own likes and dislikes, if you love to wear patterns then remember simplicity is the key. In formal wear, it is advisable to keep patterns on minimum level and incorporate in your tie or suit’s pocket square.

Dine out clothing

For night dine out parties its best to adhere yourself with best attire one could ever have. Bring wing collar custom dress shirt and wear a bow tie on it. The custom shirt should be in white color and pleated from front sides, you can have a tuxedo as well.

In last, remember that your goal is to appear not just professional but comfortable as well. Confidence plays the major role in business meetings. Do not over load your luggage; carry few but awesomely looking cool dresses.

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