How the color choice in shirts depicts your personality

From the beginning of times, the colors have been considered as the reflection of one’s thoughts and emotions. Though most of people think of artwork, paintings and other visual media as the best representations of colors, sentiments and emotions, the same effect can be found in the clothing and apparel. Specifically shirts in clothing items are the representation of one’s personality. So, choosing a perfect custom dress shirt for you is the difficult choice. Below we will discuss some commonly used shirt colors that will purely reflect your personality.


Red has been strongly recognized as a dynamic shade that brings thoughts of heat, energy, love, and ambiance. Since red is highly effective, it is usually a great concept to use only a little bit of it in shirts. Wearing a light red or maroon colored shirt in parties or friendly parties is a good option. However, for a shiny red color, it is advised to restrict it to the tie and you will get the attention you want.


In comparison, blue is often regarded as peaceful, relaxing shade that makes people thinks of the sea. Since blue is commonly recommended by many individuals, dressed in blue is always a prudent choice, whether presenting in your tie, custom dress shirt, or your whole fit.


Much like blue, green is considered as a relaxing shade that makes people think of nature and its characteristics. However, green is also considered the color of money, envy and jealousy. To avoid looking odd, it is best to restrict the green color to the tie. You can also opt light green or a greyish-green shirt for the clothing.


Yellow color is another happy, dynamic and energetic shade that draws interest. Since yellow and gold color can be bossy, so opting for light yellow color for custom dress shirt is the best option. Restrict gold and dark yellow to the tie, if you prefer wearing it as a shirt then it is reasonable to use coat over it. Yellow and grey are considered very stylish and trendy combination these days.

Grey, Black and White

Grey, Black and White are regarded as the most conventional colors and go with just about any shade. For anyone stressed about what to wear to an official meeting or business conference, black, white and grey work well for nearly any combination of suits, ties and pants.

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