Mens dressing guide

In today’s world where people make opinion about you on your fashion sense, having the right dressing sense among men is very important. As considered that, “Dressing makes or destroys your image and personality”.

That’s why we have brought you an exclusive dressing guide which not only covers professions from student level to executive level but also provide you wonderful help tips that can help you demonstrate your personality in an unique and stylish way on formal occasions.

The most important element when it comes to dressing is the fitting of your dress shirt and mostly people lack here. They do not give much attention to it, maybe because they do not know the significance of it. A dress shirt fitting in any way is very important. So firstly all of you men should realize the importance of it. The best way to get the perfect fit is to step in and experience the new world of custom dress shirts.

The basic aspects that men should follow going to office everyday includes:

  • First and foremost, no matter what you wear, it should be clean, tidy and ironed.
  • Your hair should be neatly styled.
  • Keep your shoes in fine condition.
  • Nails should be neat and clean of reasonable length.

Dressing guide for Bankers

First thing that you need to know is that what image you should portray being a Banker. Bankers require projecting a strong impression of constancy and stability.  Your colleagues and clients expect you to be the rock in a tempestuous sea. To live up to their expectations you need to demonstrate a strong personality and for that you should dress up like a sturdy professional.

  • Five colors of plain suits and dress shirts that have to be in your wardrobe are black, grey, white, brown and off-white. Make different combination of them, for instance wear black suit with 0ff-white dress shirt and black tie or wear grey suit with white dress shirt and any tie contrasting blue or maroon hues etc.
  • Spread collars are best for bankers for everyday use.
  • For a unique change, you can wear dress shirts with different cuff styles like one or two round button etc.
  • Wear cufflinks when you receive a call for any important meeting and conference.
  • In addition, you can also wear stripes dress shirts if you want to.

Dressing guide for lawyers

When it comes to lawyers it’s all about black and white color. It doesn’t matter if you cannot match a fashionable tie or contrasting dress shirt with your black suit, because you still can use variations with your collars and cuffs.

  • You can use medium spread and wide spread collars for your white dress shirts.
  • Instead of having simple cuffs, you can order one with French round, angled one button or rounded two buttons.
  • In addition, make sure that your white dress shirts are plain from front.

Dressing guide for IT professionals

When you are holding an IT professional post, your dressing sense must demonstrate a professional image and for that you need to have the following:

  • You must have diversity of colors in suits including black, grey, light brown, khaki, blue and others along with dress shirts and ties in same and contrasting colors.
  • Make universal as well as exclusive combination of suits, dress shirts and ties like you can wear black suit with white dress shirt contrasting with a tie in indigo hues or wear black suit with light green dress shirt with contrasting tie in green hues.
  • Wearing cufflinks is a must thing. You can try out different styles of cufflinks which include French cut away, French round and French square.
  • Traditional spread and classic straight collars are best for everyday use for IT professionals but you can also wear curve point classic and hidden button down for a change.

Dressing guide for CEO’s

In business, you frequently have to dress the part before you obtain the part. While a greater salary means extra money for a superior wardrobe, if you covet to land the CEO Job, so you have to invest in the clothing that make you appear like a CEO. Moreover, mostly in organizations, the CEO has a manner about him which says, “I am the boss.” For CEO’s, it is very important to be elegantly dressed up all the time. So for that:

  • Make an immense first impression, when first time you go to meet with the management by wearing a dashing black suit. Make sure it must be freshly modern and cleaned.
  • Invest in good custom dress shirts and suits. Try to have all the sober colors which include, white, grey, black, blue, brown and khaki.
  •  For men who might not have huge suits collection, getting a new dress shirt can spiff up the cloths and put you in the CEO class.
  • Buy some same and contrasting color ties. A tie makes a serious declaration that you are the perfect man for the job.
  • Make unique combinations of the suits and dress shirts with contrasting ties. The safer combination for everyday use is black suit and white dress shirt with contrasting colors of ties like maroon, grey and all shades of blue etc.
  • Classic straight, traditional Spread and hidden button down collars are best for everyday use. Also you can wear curve point classic collar along with French cuffs on any important conference or meeting to leave a unique impression.
  • You can wear all kind of cuffs, round one button, round two buttons and angled buttons in your daily routine. In addition if you prefer to wear cufflinks so that would be great as it would demonstrate a more decent and elegant personality.

Dressing guide Engineers

Mostly engineers do not seem to wear suits all the time as they have to work on fields. So engineers should invest more in the dress shirts and ties.

  • So if you are an engineer, invest in the dress shirts which perfectly fit to your body.
  • The dress shirt colors that are best for engineers include blues, white, maroon and black.
  • Buy contrasting ties in stripes and plain material with dress shirts.
  • Spread collars and round one button cuffs are considered best for engineers.
  • Being an engineer you really do not need to invest a lot in suits, just have all the usual colors like black, brown and grey so that can be matched easily with your dress shirts and ties.

Dressing guide for doctors

When it comes to doctors the image that comes in people mind is just wearing a boring white color with nothing exciting and appealing to eyes. So to avoid that image follow the below mentioned instructions.

  • Add some interesting colors in your outfit. Get the contrasting ties which look best with white. For instance lilac, indigo, light blue shades, maroon etc.
  • Ties can be plain as well as printed, depends on your choice.
  • Spread collars are considered best for doctors along with one and two round button cuffs.
  • French cufflinks can be worn in any formal physician conference or hospital occasions.
  • Along with keeping dress shirts in sober shades like white and blues, also keep some dark colors like maroon etc in your wardrobe. Wear these dark colors for a change at least once or twice in a week so you don’t get bored of wearing same light shades.

Dressing guide for students

Being a student you are free to wear all the colors of dress shirts, prints and other accessories like scarves etc.

  • In your everyday use, you can wear all colors of dress shirts like, black, blue, khaki, green, indigo, maroon, brown etc.
  • Shirts can be plain or printed, depends on your choice.
  • If you want to demonstrate of you being intelligent wear sober color dress shirts.
  • On your presentation days, wear only black or white dress shirts as it shows professionalism.
  • Being a student, you can also wear half sleeves dress shirts along with pockets on the front.
  • Traditional spread collar is considered best for daily routine for students but you can also try out wearing different collars, like narrow straight, hidden button down, classic straight etc.
  • Back style of the dress shirts can have side pleats but can be plain as well.
  • Cuff shorts sleeves can also be worn, because there are no hard rules for not wearing short sleeves in the universities.

Dressing guide for formal occasions

Men’s formal wear is a vital part of any special event, from weddings to conferences, holiday events and other social get-togethers. The right type of formal wear for men carry an air of sophistication and success, and make men experience on apex of the globe. Formal wear has a deeper meaning; it demonstrates of a man’s overall personality and image so it should be selected appropriately according to the occasion. When you go to select any outfit for you for formal occasions, your main focus must be on that “I should dress to impress”.

  • For formal occasions like weddings or parties etc, the safer and the best is to wear a black tuxedo with white dress shirt and black bow. Although you can also experiment with other combinations by contrasting ties in steal grey and golden colors but the universal and the best for all times is black and white combination.
  • Curve point classic collar and English wide spread collar look best with tuxedo. Though, all the other collar styles like counter side spread cut away, wing collar, traditional band, hidden button and classic tab etc can be worn in formal occasions with tuxedos and even with other suits.
  • You can also wear stylish plackets like Pleats with studs on the front with tuxedos.
  • You can wear all the French cufflink styles with tuxedo and other formal suits, because the look of outfit on formal occasion can’t be completed without the cufflinks.

We hope that our guidelines would help you make a better personality in the world.cialis treatment cialis for bph cialis 800mgcialis without a doctor prescription buying cialis from canada cialis usa cialis high

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