Mens Fashion Trends 2012

Although, the year 2012 will take us a little further from the recent economic woes, but do not expect a massive change in the tangent of fashion. This year will rightfully take us to the drive of subtle consumption mixed with good quality. In men’s fashion trends of 2012, we will buy less but spend more. This means less bland and more quality, fewer indulgences but better statement pieces. Men of today have their wardrobes full of clothing and apparels. This season try not to buy different clothing accessories if you want to change your looks and to stand apart from the crowd. Try to opt for a trendy looking custom dress shirt of high quality and recreate your looks by matching it with a perfect pant, shoes and watch.

Slim-Fit Stripped Spread-Collar Dress Shirt

Slim fit shirt of light color and pattern or stripes with spread collar is a versatile piece that will give you exactly that kind of attraction you want. You can get trendy looks by just opting nice dress pants, polished black leather shoes and a handsome straps wristwatch. This kind of dressing will give you killer looks that will work for business meetings as well as for swanky parties. For the same kind of shirt, you can also pair it with dark trouser (jeans style), a trench coat and a scarf; this will give you an outfit that exudes European chic. Actually stripped or patterned shirt with light color can blend with any thing in your wardrobe; all it takes is to have an aesthetic sense.

Contrast Collar Dress Shirt

The year 2011 and its succeeding 2012 has seen significant change in men’s fashion trends. Now men no more look for a simple dress shirt with starch and a contrasting plain dress pant combined with regular black shoes. Men of today are looking for trendy clothing for office ware as well as for parties and weddings. Choosing a contrast collar shirt will give you that trendy look which will set you apart from rest of the crowd. In contrast collar custom made shirts the whole body of shirt is of one color while the collar and sometimes cuffs are of other color. In this season, the classic light blue shirt with white collar is the style that will give you an awesome look with black, grey or navy colored suits. This year do not be afraid of stripes, patterns, checks and gingham, as all of these are getting more popular and looks great with solid color collar.

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