Odd yet appealing dress shirt colors to get break from monotony

Are you tired of wearing that same solid color formal dress shirts? Well you are not alone in this situation, most of the office going and white-collar jobholders are facing this situation. Day after day and year after year, they are forced to wear the same and monotonous formal dress shirts in solid colors like white, blue green, etc. all of these men need a little break from the routine life and bring some kind of variety and colors in their lives.

Polka Dot Dress Shirts

For these men custom dress shirts can be a great option. Well, the idea might look strange enough as you might be imagining yourself as looking like a clown but do not worry this is not the case. Let’s see what you can do with a polka dot dress shirt. Polka dot shirts can be one of the great ideas to bring color and change in your life.  On the coming weekend or holidays, if you are planning to go for a picnic or get together, then try the custom made shirts. In occasions like parties and picnics, one should have the freedom to wear whatever he likes; this can be achieved by wearing a polka dot shirt.

In fact, the reason of picnics and casual dressing means to get out of the busy lives, try something colorful, and enjoy the leisure time. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about and try a polka dot dress shirt. It is necessary for all of us to get out from our monotonous lives and bring color in our lives to regain the healthy and colorful life.

Tone-On-Tone dress shirts

The tone on tone fabrics have been manufactured by combining different shades or tones of the same color. These fabrics appear to be solid when viewed from distance but in closer look one notices significant printed motifs. These kinds of fabrics are quite popular among upholstery works especially in quilters. However, tone on tone fabrics also looks really awesome in dress shirts. Versatility and beauty are the hallmarks of tone on tone dress shirts.

There are two tones or shades in a tone on tone custom dress shirt. First is the base color of the fabric and the second one is the motif on it. There are different types of designs, patterns and stripes available in tone on tone dress shirt. Having a vertical stripe tone on tone dress shirt in white, blue, grey, black, pink and maroon color is one of the great options. These shirts look really cool with different types and colors of pants.

Emerald green dress shirt

Dress shirts for men have always been considered the styled attire. Over the years, perception for dress shirts has changed a lot. Instead of just plain white dress shirts for men, designers thought to take dress shirts for men to a whole new level and introduced different color combinations. This created a whole new variety to choose from. A dress shirt can serve as both a formal and a casual shirt.

Emerald green custom dress shirts for men are in style these days. Emerald color is actually a shade of green color and is particularly light and bright with faint bluish cast. Its name has been derived from gemstone emerald due to the same color shade. With the approaching spring, the green color is soothing to the eye. The advantage of owning an emerald green shirt, it immediately sends a message of a nature-loving person. Not many dress shirts have an association with nature such as the emerald green shirt. Wearing an emerald green custom made shirt with the black trousers or even white ones would keep you in the limelight of every occasion. The emerald green always blends in with the formal and the informal attire. One could never go wrong wearing an emerald green dress shirt.cialis online without buy generic cialis online safely cialis cost cvscialis cost per pill 2016 cialis cost canada buy real cialis online cialis 10mg cost

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