Opting for ideal short sleeves shirt for office environment

There are many people who every now and then ask that wearing short sleeves shirt in office environment a good option or not. The answer to this question may not be obvious. Every office environment around the world is not same. For financial sectors and law firms, wearing short sleeve dress shirts is considered a sin. While in other office environments it depends on the trend which most of the employees follow.

Wearing T-shirts, polo shirts in office gives an employee a bad impression as T-shirts are considered to be casual dress. Now short sleeves shirts are the only solution left to wear half sleeve. The main problem of short sleeves shirt is that people in general actually don’t know how to wear a short sleeves shirt. To look handsome, fit of short sleeves is very important, not only on the body but also on shoulder and arms. Whether you have athletic physique or regular body, the sleeves should hit mid-bicep and in its circumference should only have extra space of one or two fingers. Baggy sleeve will look sloppy and your developed bicep and triceps muscles will look small.

Plain and dull short sleeves shirts always look bad, try to get some pattern, stripe and solid fabrics. For business environment, a short sleeve dress shirt looks best with some texture. There are short sleeves shirts that are meant to be tucked out and some are meant to be tucked in, your duty is to know the difference and choose wisely. Tucked in shirt always looks good tailored slim pant and leather shoes. Tucked out short sleeves shirts are casual in nature and are not meant to be worn in office.

Similar is the case with collars, spread and cutaway collars are for business environments and also looks good with ties. Having a button down collar is also a good bet as it stands on its own. Unless you are too stylish and confident try not to wear a tie with short sleeves dress shirt. If you are in the search of a good short sleeves shirt and wants to customize it according to your personal needs then Fit Custom Shirts is the best you have got.

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Opting for ideal short sleeves shirt for office environment, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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