Popularity of contrast collar dress shirts in modern era

The style of contrast collar dress shirts goes back a century ago when detachable collars were profoundly used. In fact the trends of using such shirts keep fluctuating as on and off frequently. The style made its comeback in previous years following a movie in which the protagonist wears contrast collar dress shirt as a part of his power look. Contrast collar popularity can also be credited to custom dress shirt makers as they have revolutionized the way of wearing men’s dress shirts. This collar is also known as banker’s collar or executive collar.

Contrast collars have become increasingly popular amongst not only sartorial experts, executives and fashion conscious people but also amongst young generations as a casual fashion wear. Initially the contrast collar has only been offered in white-on-blue color scheme but soon it has passed its evaluation phase and now available in endless colors. Some common color options are salmon or pink collars and cuffs on a jet black or black-pinstriped shirt, or a white collar and cuffs on pink or other colored dress shirts. Like collar, contrast cuffs have also entered the marketplace with a great deal of success while paired with an executive collar of the same color or pattern. Not only do contrast cuffs look great in a well-fit suit, but also a wonderful accompaniment to a casual shirt.

Choosing right accessories

Contrast collar dress shirt do look quite formal and elegant, but should be properly accessorized to achieve that perfect look. With this style, men should change the choice of accessories, such as opting a suit instead of sport coat and lace-ups instead of loafers. If men really want to exceed in style and fashion then they should go for braces instead of belt. Lastly, pair it up with matching cufflinks.

Choosing contrast collar style

While purchasing a white contrast collar dress shirt from online shirt makers like Fit Custom Shirts, you will need to choose a collar style that perfectly suits the overall style of the shirt. Opting traditional narrow point or spread collars would not look best on contrast collar shirt. You will need to select anything that reflects old vintage, such as club collar, pinned collar or tab collar. With these collar options, you will be able to get shirt that will truly change your look. If you are not getting dressed for your office then forgo the tie. Have a contrast collar dress shirt with no tie and upper button open with visible chest hair and a gold necklace. This attire will be enough to set you apart in any semi casual event. For formal events, wearing contrast collar shirt with tie and suit will give you a classic style with a twist.

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