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With New York Fashion Week on the roll and early spring season upon us, if you considered that the clothing sector could be on the brink of something fresh for a change, then get yourself ready for yet another marvelous "reinvention". According to just about everyone who is even vaguely linked with the style, the big thing in fashion for menswear this spring will be the revisit of the preppy look. No need to worry though, it could be as bad as you think.

So if the fashion experts say is true what should you expect to see in the approaching months? The answer is simple: get ready for plenty of check print and madras shirts, vibrantly colorful polo shirts, button down collars, argyle vests tweed blazers, and penny white loafers. As the name of this new style implies, this preppy look is taken from the style adorned by students in preparatory schools, who are generally the spoiled offspring of wealthy families who live in closed or elite communities.

At first glance, the preparation – a style identical to the WASP-y elitism and trust funds created frivolity of the eighties – seems at odds with the more diverse society of today and the realities of a ruthless economy. But while the preppy look of nowadays still preserves something of the desirable qualities to its Iran-Contra-era progenitor, it also guarantees to be more reachable to the masses, largely due to a fashion climate which is more democratic and broadminded.

Of course, for a number of people, the preppy look never quite went away.

If you are the owner of a yacht or a house in the Hamptons, you should perhaps stop reading this article right now. Likewise, someone who has joined a fraternity couple of years back has probably seen (and bought) more than their reasonable share of frayed khakis and popped-collar polo shirts.

This trend really is meant for men who might have previously felt like an outsider by the staleness of the preppy look. The preppy look can now come within reach of almost everybody with a sense of impertinence or a straight face.

For guys who are a little older, mid-career men who have a difficult time finding stylish casual wear that would suit their age, this style could offer an alternative to the bland "active" wear and frumpy flannel usually targeted to the crowd who are over 40 years old.

Youngsters who do not feel at ease adorning the vintage-motivated custom fashions that arise as a result of metro sexuality could glance at the coming back of preppy fashion as a chance to mature their wardrobe without negotiation their grip on being cool. Adding together to the sarcasm is the fact that many guys in their late twenties or early thirties who may think about taking up the preppy look today would be the same Gen-Xer’s who in the beginning contributed to the overthrowing Beverly Hills 90210 fashion theme in the past.

Fashion today is not so much about purchasing a lifestyle or flaunting your status. Ultimately it does not matter what type of branded clothes you wear, what makes it important is how you look and feel when wearing it.

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