Surge of simple yet stylish men fashion clothing

Fashion industry is always on the move to bring revolutionary change in trends. The latest move has greatly affected men as they have become more conscious of their physical appearances and searches for new style to look neat, charming and handsome. A shirt’s design, pattern, texture and fitting play a huge role in transforming a normal shirt into custom designer shirt. This summer it is advised to men that adopt simple but stylish men fashion clothing that will exactly give them what they want.

Choosing odd colors

Opting for traditional white and blue color have always been remained a wise option but sometimes it gets a bit boring as men wear it all the time. However, adding some odd colors such as yellow, lavender, turquoise or sea foam would help to go a long way. Men with good fashion sense already owns most of the colors and styles, so opting odd colors would be a nice break from usual colors with same versatile advantages.

Opting mens jewelry

From past a decade or two, the trend of wearing small jewelry items such as cufflinks, tie clip, collar clips, shinny buckles, rings, bracelets and chains have again revived and has become highly popular as men show off their ostentations.

Still in conservative environments, going for excessive jewelry items looks over exaggeration. To play the safe game, cufflinks are the only item that suit men best. With beautiful cufflinks of wide array, men can become sober and restrained dresser. Wearing traditional suits with regular shirt colors men can get awesome look by just wearing different pairs of cufflink everyday. With this, the style factor goes all the way to roof, making men more stylish and confident.

Going for Corporate look

To gain a look of corporate types, opting a navy blazer coupled with pure white shirt in self-print with red or maroon tie is a good bet. Although white shirts are worn by most of the men but with a super luxurious 120s cotton dress shirt combined with customized collar, cuffs and other attributes, you will get the ultimate killer looks.
In men fashion clothing, going for an Italian sport coat with suede-trimmed pockets is considered a rare and remarkable option. Coupled with European style dress shirt with cut away collars and angled French cuffs using a silk knot. Choosing a wrinkle free pinpoint oxford dress shirt is also a good option for busy men. As they have to work all day long and do not have time change shirts or whatever.

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